The new U-space regulations represent a fundamental shift for advanced air mobility organisations in the European Union as they provide a framework for the implementation of drones in current airspaces. However, it’s only been about a month since these regulations were released, so many are still trying to grapple with how they’ll be enforced in practice.

U-space separates airspaces into different sections to help direct traffic from drones and planes into the correct areas. The basic idea behind the separation of airspace is that aeroplanes, which are taking instructions from air traffic control towers, are above drones.

Drones, on the other hand, are likely to be controlled by individuals on the ground or through U-space service providers like Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management (UTMs). UTM services are essential for the implementation of drones at scale as traditional air traffic management systems are almost always manual, and air traffic controllers wouldn’t be able to handle the burden of coordinating thousands of uncrewed aerial vehicles.

Because UTM-specific software solutions will be needed to coordinate these drones, there is a large demand surfacing for future U-space service providers (USSPs). While Murzilli Consulting can help with regulatory aspects, we understand that some governments and organisations will need more strategic, operational and technical software support before moving on to create regulatory frameworks or beginning the process of getting certified as U-space service providers (USSPs).

This is the context surrounding the partnership between Skypuzzler and Murzilli Consulting.

How Skypuzzler and Murzilli Consulting will work to develop and implement new U-spaces

We decided to partner with Skypuzzler to be able to provide every U-space stakeholder with the knowledge they need for end-to-end implementation of their strategic U-space goals.

For governments, this means that Murzilli Consulting will help to establish the regulatory framework for the creation of new U-spaces while Skypuzzler can support those looking to offer traffic management or navigation services for U-space service providers (USSPs).

For commercial clients looking to become U-space service providers, Skypuzzler can offer their experts for the strategic, operational and technical implementation while Murzilli Consulting can help with regulatory and certification requirements.

When asked about the partnership, our CEO Lorenzo Murzilli said that “it’s incredible to get the chance to work with the experts at Skypuzzler, who have the operational and technical experience needed to help shape the future of the drone industry.”

Skypuzzler’s CEO also stated that “Skypuzzler are delighted to collaborate with Murzilli Consulting as experts within regulation and certification. Our collaboration will bring much value to private companies and governments in shaping the future drone industry.”

Murzilli Consulting is a digital aviation consultancy firm founded in 2020 by Lorenzo Murzilli and based in Bern, Switzerland, with further subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary and Poland. Our organisation is committed to helping clients succeed with their regulation and compliance strategies. We do this by acting as a Digital Outsourced Regulatory Department and working with clients to support them in establishing a high-performing internal regulatory function. Our primary focus is on emerging technologies in the sectors of crewed and uncrewed aviation, advanced air mobility and U-space (including all derivative focuses).

Our team offers governments and private enterprises alike the opportunity to establish a high-performing internal regulatory function capable of tackling emerging technologies. Murzilli Consulting also can develop and implement regulatory strategies and roadmaps as well as execute specific projects such as UAS and USSP certification, design verification, SORA approvals and CE marking, among other services. Our customer base is unrivalled in the consulting industry and reflects the trust that leading drone organisations have in our services.

is a deep-tech software company located in Copenhagen, Denmark and founded in January 2022 by Jesper Skou, Ronni Winkler Østergaard and Morten Skov Jørgensen. Besides being a software company developing automated tactical deconfliction (digital air traffic control) as an add-on module to Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems. Skypuzzler is a trusted partner in implementing advanced air mobility, urban air mobility, U-space and UTM, focusing on the Common Information Service (CIS) and U-Space Service Provider (USSP) roles on strategic, operational, and technical levels.

Skypuzzlers team consists of air traffic controllers and computer scientists with over 80 years of aviation experience, 30 years of experience in software development, and more than 15 years of experience as subject-matter experts (SMEs) in Unmanned Traffic management, Advanced Air Mobility, and autonomous drones and robots. Throughout the years, the team has been part of several major European U-space/UTM projects, UTM implementations for ANSPs and been SMEs in working groups in the European Commission (Mobility and Transport), SESAR Joint Undertaking, and CANSO UTM task force.