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We are a team of strategists, consultants and mentors that elevate businesses worldwide from the heart of Switzerland.
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Innovate and create new business models in a highly regulated, complex and traditional environment. Uncertainty is the new norm.

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Observe, Orient, Decide, Act and Iterate. Faster than anyone else.


Hi, I’m Lorenzo Murzilli, Aerospace Engineer, Founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting. We work with aviation companies worldwide who want to turn disruption into profits, now.


Thrive in the face of disruption

Equip your organization with core capabilities for responding better to today's changes

Regulatory Consulting

Our multi-year experience working with governments and organizations world-wide will help your business to convert the regulations threat into a unique business opportunity. From SORA approvals to design verification, from UTM projects to full aircraft certification and more.

Strategic Consulting

We look at the aviation system holistically and are capable to integrate strategy, analysis, operations, and technology into impactful advice. We are result oriented and have a proven track record of delivering in the most challenging environments

Ecosystem and Alliances

We support your business in establishing connections matched to your unique ambitions.

Core Business Operations

Our Core Business Operations service guides your business through the introduction of new technology platforms into day-to-day operations


Our leadership coaching supports executives and high-potential employees to creates self-awareness and drive transformational changes


Are you ready for serious mental stimulation? Lorenzo Murzilli delivers powerful speeches and keynotes and can moderate panels and sessions that untangle the complexities of modern aviation.

More - Turn-key solutions for aviation businesses

We collaborate with best in-class services agencies worldwide to provide fully integrated turn-key solutions for your business. From marketing and communication to safety and risk assessments just contact us for a proposal tailored to your specific needs.
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Lorenzo is a forward leaning leader in aviation. He is known for his international collaboration! His passion for digitization, Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM), harmonization, and enabling future stands out. He has been championing UTM at many levels which is helping harmonize the construct across the globe. His leadership is invaluable to modernization of airspace operations.
Parimal Kopardekar (PK)
NASA Director, Intrapreneur, Drones, Autonomy, Airspace, Operations, Supply Chain, Business Consultant & Adjunct Faculty
I have been collaborating with Lorenzo since Solar Impulse. I appreciate that he takes initiative and sees projects to the end. He has been supporting and leading many initiatives to facilitate the use of new technologies in the world of aviation.
André Borschberg
CEO, Co-founder & Pilot of Solar Impulse, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of H55
Lorenzo is a global leader and influencer for using technology to enhance the safety, utility, and access for aviation. He is a foreword thinker, and can often see and explain a viable path towards the future before it is clear to others, which makes him a great team leader. Lorenzo also has the practical hands-on experience and skill set to lead others, so he actually achieves results rather than just dreaming of what might be possible
Wes Ryan
Unmanned and Pilotless Aircraft Technology Lead at Federal Aviation Administration

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