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We help your organization thrive in today’s aviation market.

Murzilli Consulting is a digital aviation consultancy firm founded in 2020 by Lorenzo Murzilli and based in Switzerland, with further subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Our organisation is committed to helping clients succeed with their regulation and compliance strategies. We do this by acting as a digital outsourced regulatory department and working with clients to support them in establishing a high-performing internal regulatory function. Our primary focus is on emerging technologies in the sectors of crewed and uncrewed aviation, advanced air mobility and U-space (including all derivative focuses). 
Our team offers governments and private enterprises alike the opportunity to establish a high-performing internal regulatory function capable of tackling emerging technologies. Murzilli Consulting also can develop and implement regulatory strategies and roadmaps as well as execute specific projects such as UAS and USSP certification, design verification, SORA approvals and CE marking, among other services. Our customer base is unrivalled in the consulting industry and reflects the trust that leading drone organisations have in our services.

Lorenzo Murzilli

CEO and Managing Partner

Lorenzo is a graduated aerospace engineer, innovation manager, and specialist in aviation, system safety, and drones. He is the Founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation. Leader of the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems WG-6 he oversights the work of more than 100 professionals in several task forces developing recommendations for safety and risk management of drones operations worldwide.

Guest lecturer at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and at the Xihua University, previously with Leonardo, Pilatus Aircraft, and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Lorenzo has developed a striking ability to boost innovation in safety-critical environments and enjoys exploring the intersection of safety and disruptive technologies that can advance the human race forward.

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Eszter Kovács

Managing Partner and Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Eszter Kovács is a Co-founder and the Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Murzilli Consulting. She hold a degree in military and safety engineering and she is a certificted agile coach and PRINCE2 praceticioner project manager.

She’s an experienced technical innovation expert and has contributed to the growth of several organisations through her leadership and mentoring activities. Her professional knowledge includes engineering, robotics and advanced aviation topics focusing on UTM/ATM harmonization, that are complemented by her skills in communication, networking and strategic operational problem solving for organisations.

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Richard Boden

Head of Business Unit Murzilli Consulting
Specialized in: Services and Operations

As the Head of the Business Unit Murzilli Consulting, Richard Boden delivers strategic consulting to various clients, such as start-ups, governments and established companies. He specialises in flight operations, technical certifications, c-class marking projects and company structuring. As the project lead for the UK’s remote ID strategy with Baringa, Richard handles project management and regulatory expertise. He also serves as a strategic advisor and engagement lead, assisting in strategic aspects, partnerships and certification requirements.

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Pawel Trominski

Manager of UTM/U-space
Specialized in: Assurance systems

As a senior consultant, Paweł Trominski supports organisations through their approval process to become U-space service providers, offering regulatory compliance guidance and participating in standardisation activities. His work includes projects like comparing EASA-approved DO-178C with an alternative robotics automotive standard, aiming for authorities' approval through similarities. Amid U-space service challenges, Paweł helps navigate the industry's search for universally accepted solutions. In our project to recommend a remote ID strategy for the UK's project with Baringa, he offers consulting on both airspace management and software solutions.

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Mehran Ahmady

Senior Consultant for U-space and UTM

Mehran Ahmady is our Senior U-space and UTM Consultant. With almost a quarter of a century of experience in the telecommunications industry related to cellular-connected Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), he understands the complexities involved with product development, innovation of UAS Traffic Management (UTM) systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, his experience extends to solution designs, including service-oriented architecture, systems and network integrations.

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Graham Trickey

Senior Advisor for Technology and Regulations

Graham Trickey is our Senior Advisor for Technology and Regulations. As the former Head of IoT at GSMA, the global organisation unifying the mobile ecosystem, he has more than 30 years of experience connecting and innovating with more than 1,200 telecommunications member organisations. His expertise is in the M2M markets, remote SIM embedded systems, big data ecosystems and commercial business enablers for the IoT. On top of this experience, he worked at Motorola for over 8 years while leading their end-to-end solutions programme, which encompassed a global responsibility for the creation and implementation of Motorola’s Mobile Internet solutions for GSM Mobile Network Operators and Application Service Providers.

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Francesco Picardi

Senior Consultant for Airworthiness
Specialized in: Airworthiness

Francesco Picardi is a senior consultant for airworthiness engineering and guides teams in developing crewed and uncrewed aircraft, overseeing type certification, design verification goals and any necessary coordination. He represents clients before aviation authorities, sharing best practices from his experience with top organisations. Actively engaged in advanced aviation industry regulations, Francesco currently contributes to EASA-funded Shephard project, which defines compliance for UAS special conditions on certification and design verification.

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Thilo Uebbert

Senior Consultant for Programme Management

Thilo Uebbert is our Senior Consultant for Programme Management. As the former CTO of FLÜGELaeronautics, one of the first eVTOL projects that successfully flew in Germany and the former Head of Programme Management at WINGCOPTER, he is able to spot the weaknesses in operations and help companies to adjust them accordingly before they cause potential problems to the safety or efficiency of business goals. His engineering background also allows him to communicate with highly technical teams and translate for non-technical stakeholders. He is also a PRINCE2 certified project manager.

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Juan Moya

Senior Consultant for Operational Authorisations

Juan Moya is our Senior Consultant for Operational Authorisations. His early start to the drone industry in 2011 made him a pioneer for several UAS operations, including one of the first to use a hyperspectral camera over a UAS. He specialises in consultation services for aviation operators and national authority approval processes. He was one of the first UAS experts in the Spanish National Aviation Authority, which is evident from his thorough review practices for operator applications for authorisation. His expertise also includes operational consultation support for SORA documentation and Light UAS Operator certification (LUC).

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Csaba Márk-Szakács

Associate Consultant

Csaba Márk-Szakács is our Associate Consultant. He has a decade of knowledge as an EHS engineer in the construction industry. His risk analysis expertise supports the entire Murzilli Consulting team and our services. His work in internal quality system management defines the set-up for all processes within the company. He specialises in internal auditing and applies these skills to reports and documentation for our proposals.

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