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I would highly recommend the Murzilli team to others for drone regulatory consulting matters. I enjoyed working with Richard, Thilo, and Juan. They were knowledgeable, conscientious, professional and kind. They completed all aspects of the projects as well as some additional ad hoc requests along the way. I look forward to working with the team again.
Jason Chow
Director of Strategy & Business Development at Elroy Air
It has been a pleasure to co-organize a Regulatory and SORA training with Drone Talks and Murzilli Consulting. The distinction lies not merely in their knowledge of regulations but in their involvement in their formulation and daily engagement assessing multiple companies, providing them with a profound understanding of the crucial elements that require attention.
Jordi Salvador
CTO & Business Development, BCN Drone Center
We just started the relationship/project with Lorenzo and his team (Pawel). Although we are still working on the 1st delivery/milestone, I must say that I am impressed with the overall know-how, experience, and professionalism of all the team members. 
Sergio Oliveira e Silva
Chief Operating Officer, Dronamics
As believers in the power of SORA for certifying BVLOS operations, We are proud to have Lorenzo Murzilli accepting our invitation to join our advisory board. His expertise and contribution align with our mission to simplify the certification and compliance processes for drone operators and manufacturers. With the introduction of automated risk management and compliance tools to FlightOps infrastructure, Lorenzo's addition to our team is extremely valuable.
Shay Levy
CEO of FlightOps
Skypuzzler are delighted to collaborate with Murzilli Consulting as experts within regulation and certification. Our collaboration will bring much value to private companies and governments in shaping the future drone industry.
Jesper Skou
CEO of Skypuzzler
Although Lorenzo has been very helpful in clarifying the path forward for a variety of initiatives, those initiatives are longer term and have not yet reached completion.

Overall, our experience with Murzilli consulting has been positive. Lorenzo has a great deal of knowledge and experience in aircraft certification and UAS operational authorization.  He also has an extensive network of regulatory contacts worldwide, which has been quite helpful.
Elise Sudlow
Business Operations, MATTERNET
Great competence and cooperation.
Hugo Eduardo
Business Solutions at HHLA Sky
We are very excited by this partnership with Murzilli Consulting to support our portfolio of companies and help drive growth with access to resources that these businesses may not have had otherwise.
Kara Jones
Director of GENIUS NY
AVSS engaged with Murzilli Consulting to assess a new technology and the application within the SORA framework. Lorenzo and the team moved quickly, created a well thought out strategy, and directly supported AVSS in the implementation. When you work with Murzilli Consulting, you get more than a stack of papers; you get tangible outcomes with real world application.
Josh Ogden
Murzilli Consulting has been an invaluable partner to DMD Solutions, supporting the expansion of our activities in the aerospace market and complementing both companies' core expertises to provide a comprehensive solution for our customers. The launch and expansion of Robin RAMS to support certification of UAV projects has been decisively impulsed by his efforts.

Murzilli and his team are very professional in their project management, making collaborative efforts a smooth path. The experience and dedication of the team ensure that projects undertaken with them conclude successfully in the field. The overall experience is that Murzilli Consulting is a sound partner to navigate the market of UAS and any innovative and challenging project in the aerospace industry, where the knowledge of certification processes is fundamental.
Dario Di Martino
CEO, DMD Solution
To help drone manufacturers face regulations and, in particular, certification issues, it is important to accompany them all along the process from safety analysis at the system level to the actual certifiable software. Partnering with Murzilli Consulting allows us to do that in a highly efficient way. We provide solutions to manufacturers from the beginning of the certification process to the actual certified software.
Valentin Brossard
CEO of Hionos
Lorenzo joining our advisory board is significant and speaks volumes about his enthusiasm for the mission of Wonder Robotics and our products. He is a believer in the WonderLand solution and will be influential in guiding our team through the complex web of the U.S. and European drone regulations. I am very pleased and honored to have him as an advisor and friend. He is the right guy at the right time for WR.
Idan Shimon
Co-founder and CEO of Wonder Robotics
It is obvious from the beginning that Lorenzo has a vast knowledge about what he is teaching, and he has a good way of passing this knowledge to others in a very clear way.
Daniel Robaina Rapisarda
Flight Supervisor, Air Traffic Laboratory for Advanced Systems (ATLAS)
We highly value our relationship with Murzilli Consulting. Their knowledge of drone operations and regulation is unparalleled and has been invaluable in helping us solve our clients’ complex problems in UK airspace
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