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Murzilli Consulting and GENIUS NY to provide start-ups with regulatory support

11 July, 2023
Murzilli Consulting and GENIUS NY are proud to announce a new partnership that will provide start-up participants in the GENIUS NY drone accelerator programme and portfolio with Murzilli Consulting in-house resources, to help them navigate complex regulatory frameworks and accelerate their path to revenue generation.
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Murzilli Consulting and Hionos partner together to offer specialised software-based consulting to the drone and advanced aviation industry

31 May, 2023
The new U-space regulations have empowered drone and advanced aviation organisations to further develop and implement their solutions in Europe, but there are still significant barriers that stand in the way before they can begin to integrate and sell their products on the commercial market.
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An introduction to remote ID for UAS operations

25 May, 2023
Remote ID is a term used to describe the process of remotely identifying uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) through various methods.  The need for remote ID arose when people were not able to see the identification number printed on drones (sort of like license plates) because they were airborne and simply moving too fast. Even if drone operators were required to have identification numbers while flying, it wouldn’t do anything other than help identify a drone if it crashed or caught fire, which isn’t very practical.
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Lorenzo Murzilli joins the FlightOps advisory board

24 May, 2023
Lorenzo Murzilli, an accomplished aerospace engineer and the CEO of Murzilli Consulting, is renowned for his pivotal role in developing EU drone regulations, U-space frameworks and the SORA methodology, while using his extensive industry network and expertise to transform disruptive changes into profitable opportunities for aviation companies worldwide.
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Murzilli team received the Advanced Aviation Lead Auditor Certification

30 March, 2023
Murzilli Consulting team members are now certified as advanced aviation lead auditors by the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). The certification provides proof of qualification that Murzilli Consulting team members have the competencies needed to perform third-party audits for SAIL III operations. 
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Building the future of advanced air mobility through U-space with our newest partner Skypuzzler

17 March, 2023
We decided to partner with Skypuzzler to be able to provide every U-space stakeholder with the knowledge they need for end-to-end implementation of their strategic U-space goals.
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The early stages of u-space implementation and progress in Europe with Lorenzo Murzilli and Claudia Bacco

14 March, 2023
Lorenzo Murzilli, founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting, and Claudia Bacco from Air Traffic Management come together to discuss the early stages of u-space implementation and progress in Europe.
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Our CEO Lorenzo Murzilli speaks to The Vertical Space

20 February, 2023
Our CEO, Lorenzo Murzilli, sat down and spoke with Jim Barry and Luka Tomljenovic in their podcast the Vertical Space, which covers the intersection of technology and flight.
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Murzilli Consulting teams up with Baringa for a UK Remote ID strategy proposal for remotely piloted aircraft

24 January, 2023
Murzilli Consulting is proud to announce that we've partnered with Baringa to create a remote ID strategy proposal for the UK! Read more in our press release.
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Happy Holidays from Murzilli Consulting!

22 December, 2022
2022 has been an exciting and successful year for our team and our customers. We grew from a one-person operation
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