November 2023, Drone Industry Regulatory Updates

30 November, 2023
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Marina Estal joins CANSO’s Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council Working Area 3 (WA3) Group

08 July, 2024
Murzilli Consulting’s Senior Consultant Marina Estal has joined CANSO’s Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council Working Area 3 (WA3) group. Marina Estal is an aeronautical engineer whose vast experience in Air Traffic Management (ATM) spans over 10 years.
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Murzilli Consulting and Deeplabs Host UAS Event at MASID

04 July, 2024
Last week Murzilli Consulting, the consulting firm offering 360° regulation, technology and strategy services for innovative aviation stakeholders, hosted the event,  "UAS in Emergency Management,"  in collaboration with Deeplabs at MASID. The event was kicked off with a presentation by Pilar Gil of Deeplabs who clarified the projects and visions of MASID with a technical focus on Madrid.
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Murzilli Consulting’s Guide to U-space

24 June, 2024
With the increase in the use of drones and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) within the aviation sector, a concept known as U-space was created to ensure that safe, secure and efficient drone operations could take place within the airspace. The following article defines the concept, development and purpose of U-space and why it is becoming one of the most vital systems in today’s evolving airspace.
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