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Murzilli Consulting and Hionos partner together to offer specialised software-based consulting to the drone and advanced aviation industry
The new U-space regulations have empowered drone and advanced aviation organisations to further develop and implement their solutions in Europe, but there are still significant barriers that stand in the way before they can begin to integrate and sell their products on the commercial market.
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Lorenzo Murzilli joins the FlightOps advisory board
Today, FlightOps has announced the appointment of Lorenzo Murzilli to the FlightOps advisory board. Lorenzo Murzilli is the founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital outsourced regulatory department and works with clients to support them in establishing a high-performing internal regulatory function. The organisation primarily focuses on emerging technologies in crewed and uncrewed aviation, advanced air mobility and U-space.
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Murzilli partners with Skypuzzler to support stakeholders with U-space implemention
Murzilli Consulting has partnered with Skypuzzler AAM with the aim of providing U-space stakeholders with the knowledge they need for end-to-end implementation of their strategic U-space goals. According to the press release: for governments, this means that Murzilli Consulting will help to establish the regulatory framework for the creation of new U-spaces.
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Lorenzo Murzilli, Murzilli Consulting talks UTM progress in Europe
Lorenzo Murzilli, Founder & CEO at Murzilli Consulting joins Aerial Views to consider Europe’s progress on topics such as U-Space and Remote ID implementation. Lorenzo Murzilli explains that important that members act effectively. The industry has to complete the required preparations simultaneously, especially when it comes to the certification.
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Drone number plates to help tackle 'Wild West' in the sky
Concern is growing in Government that the registration scheme for the UK's 300,000 drone users is currently too hard to enforce. Drones will be forced to have electronic number plates so they can be tracked by police and the security services under plans being drawn up by regulators and the Government. Drones would be equipped with "remote ID" technology, enabling their speed, location, height, user's location and take-off point to be tracked.
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Tackling the 'Wild West' in the sky: Drones could soon be forced to have electronic NUMBER PLATES so they can be tracked by police as they fly through the skies
Drones could soon be forced to have electronic number plates so they can be tracked by police. The move is part of regulations being drawn up by the Government that would allow a drone's speed, height, take-off point and its operator's location to be tracked.
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Murzilli Consulting teams up with Baringa for a UK Remote ID strategy proposal for remotely piloted aircraft
Switzerland-based Murzilli Consulting has won a project in collaboration with Baringa to develop a strategy for any future Remote ID requirement for UK drone and remotely piloted services. The projects’ main goal is to support the UK Civil Aviation Authority in defining an approach for implementing any future Remote ID solution that best serves all stakeholders involved, including users, citizens, law enforcement and broader government stakeholders.
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Lorenzo Murzilli Joins Wonder Robotics’ Advisory Board
Israeli-based Wonder Robotics (WR), a global leading technology innovator and provider of intelligent and robust autonomous solutions for commercial drone services, today announced the appointment of Lorenzo Murzilli to the Wonder Robotics’ advisory board. Murzilli is the founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a consulting agency focused on aviation, and co-founder of, a digital platform to spread ideas and educate on the drones’ ecosystem.
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Lorenzo Murzilli: EASA regulations, building a drone business in Europe
In this episode we speak with Lorenzo Murzilli, CEO of Murzilli Consulting. We discuss the state of the drone market in Europe, including the rate of commercial drone adoption, differences between EU and US, remaining gaps, and EASA regulations. Listen to Lorenzo’s continuous emphasis on and importance of being aware of the hurdles in starting and running a drone business. To that end, you’ll really enjoy our start-up case study – where we conduct a deep dive with Lorenzo into building a drone business.
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VFS hits 180 corporate members
The Vertical Flight Society (VFS), the world’s leading non-profit organization working to advance vertical flight, reports that it has continued to experience steady growth in corporate members during the second quarter of the year, propelled largely by the continued expansion of electric aircraft developments around the world. As of Oct. 1, 2022, a total of 180 companies and other organizations are now members of VFS.
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Advanced Air Mobility (AAM): Building the Ecosystem
I see the development of a viable AAM ecosystem relying on two major pillars,” said Lorenzo Murzilli, the Founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting. “First, the clear and unambiguous definition of roles and responsibilities—and liabilities—of the ecosystem players. And second, the understanding that AAM has to be fully included in urban mobility initiatives and treated as one of the urban means of transportation, fully integrated and complementary to the others.
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Aerial Cities: The VIP Event Bringing Together European Cities, Aviation Authorities, and Drone Company Executives
Earlier this month, Bern-Switzerland based DroneTalks Academy announced its inaugural invitation-only Aerial Cities event. DroneTalks co-founders and event organizers, Eszter Kovacs and Lorenzo Murzilli, slated this two-day conference to take place on Thursday and Friday, November 17th and 18th at the Stufenbau Eventlocation in Bern.
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BVLOS | Airspace characterization and the challenges of air risk modeling
Air risk modeling is the new trend. The European U-Space Regulation explicitly points to an airspace risk assessment as a critical precondition to establishing U-Space airspace. The JARUS Specific Operations Risk Assessment introduced a qualitative model that has served the industry well, but quantification is needed to scale. What are the challenges of air risk modeling, and how can we increase access for all drone operators?
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DRONAMICS secures partners for operational authorisation process
DRONAMICS is strengthening its operational authorization efforts by securing a three-way partnership agreement with the leading UAV consulting firms Murzilli Consulting and DMD Solutions.with a goal to obtain EASA operational authorisations for the Black Swan drone in preparation for its commercial charge of developing SORA under which the DRONAMICS operations will be authorized.
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Unlocking the full potential of drones for good in Africa
DIGILOGIC consortium partner Endeva, is co-leading the Drones Doing Good Alliance (DDG) and has hosted in partnership with the Smart Africa Digital Academy (SADA) a workshop exploring ways to unlock the full potential of drone technology in Africa through local manufacturing and smart regulations. The workshop had an excellent line up of speakers including Dr. Hans Peter Thamm with 20 years of experience flying drones in Africa and other industry experts.
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DroneTalks Academy Q&A with Lorenzo Murzilli and Eszter Kovacs
DroneTalks CEO and founder Eszter Kovacs speaks to the Headteacher of DroneTalks Academy, Lorenzo Murzilli, to answer some of your questions about the Executive one day Briefing in Drones and the 360 Overview Diploma in Drones. Find out about the format, the teachers and what topics will be covered in each of the courses. If you need to gain an overview in the most time-efficient way, our one-day Executive Briefing in Drones is for you
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Meet Our Members – Lorenzo Murzilli, Swiss FOCA
Introducing: Lorenzo Murzilli, Leader, Innovation and Digitalization Unit Lorenzo Murzilli is the Swiss U-Space Program Manager at the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) in Switzerland where his work focuses on fostering the development of the best possible system to allow drone operations to strive. He currently oversees the risk management processes and policy of all critical drone operations in Switzerland.
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Press releases

Skypuzzler partnership with Murzilli Consulting

Building the future of advanced air mobility through U-space with our newest partner Skypuzzler

March 17, 2023
We decided to partner with Skypuzzler to be able to provide every U-space stakeholder with the knowledge they need for end-to-end implementation of their strategic U-space goals.

Our CEO Lorenzo Murzilli speaks to The Vertical Space

February 20, 2023
Our CEO, Lorenzo Murzilli, sat down and spoke with Jim Barry and Luka Tomljenovic in their podcast the Vertical Space, which covers the intersection of technology and flight.
Lorenzo Murzilli Joins Wonder Robotics’ Advisory Board

Lorenzo Murzilli Joins Wonder Robotics’ Advisory Board

November 1, 2022
He brings 20+ years of pioneering leadership and expertise in drone regulation and certification TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, October 31, 2022