Murzilli Consulting team members are now certified as advanced aviation lead auditors by the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). The certification provides proof of qualification that Murzilli Consulting team members have the competencies needed to perform third-party audits for SAIL III operations. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the certification process for operational approvals in the specific category for SAIL I to VI, you can imagine the following: 

Under the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA), if an organisation’s operations fall under a specific assurance integrity level (SAIL) of III, they are able to receive third-party authorisation for operational approvals, which isn’t needed for SAIL I and II, and not an available option for SAIL IV, V and VI. 

An example of SAIL III operations in Europe could be a package delivery organisation looking to deliver food by going from restaurants to the homes of customers or even an organisation that wants to start delivering medical supplies between hospitals. Please keep in mind that some operations, depending on the situation, can result in a higher SAIL (moving through busy city centres with a large drone) or a lower SAIL (transporting small goods across an uninhabited area).

As a third-party auditor for SAIL III, we'll be conducting the audit on behalf of the competent aviation authorities in accordance with the standards set by the authorities. This will include a variety of confirmations like the following: 

  • Checking which procedures are being followed in the company
  • How these procedures are organised
  • Which aircraft they are using
  • How the design of the aircraft is constructed
  • If the aircraft is reliable

Which organisations can we support with the Advanced Aviation Lead Auditor Certification?

Any drone organisation looking to start implementing SAIL III operations in the specific category in Europe can now come to us for third-party validation. Please also note that some competent aviation authorities may accept third-party validation while other aviation authorities claim that they represent the third party in legal terms. Feel free to connect with us, and we can help you understand if this is the case or not. 

This includes all different types of operations, but please also make sure to check the current SORA guidelines to ensure that your operations risk assessment does indeed fall under SAIL III; alternatively, you could also schedule an appointment with us for a discovery call for more information.  

Please note that the authority generally will take a rather long time before they even begin to evaluate an organisation’s application, and as more drone organisations begin submitting their operations for approval, it’s likely that this waiting time will get longer. 

A third-party auditor can check your approval application before submitting it to the authority, which means faster confirmation that operations are compliant and ready for implementation. If this is not the case, the third-party auditor can also explain why an organisation’s operations are not compliant, so they avoid a denial from the authority and doubling the already lengthy process. 

Through the certification, the expertise and experience of the Murzilli Consulting team for SAIL III approvals have been proven and strengthened, which empowers us to perform better, more comprehensive and authority-compliant audits. 

Third-party audits can also be a great opportunity for founders to provide a more accurate implementation roadmap for their teams and potential investors.

Why did we need certification to perform SAIL III audits?

SAIL III audits must be performed by reputable third-party auditors, which means that the authorities will check organisations that are involved in this process. While we already had proof of auditing competencies, we wanted to ensure that our entire team had formal proof that extended past our extensive industry-specific experiences. 

By undergoing advanced aviation auditor training, we can provide proof of certification for validating and checking things on behalf of an aviation authority, investor or new supplier (among others). 

The team will be able to better identify discrepancies that would hinder an approval application including the process of distributing work to other team members during the auditing process and notifying an organisation when certain aspects of the auditing process have failed or turn up non-conformities, like in the event of a hand-over. 

If you’re interested in our services as a third-party auditor for SAIL III operations in Europe, please see our brochure for more information.