Murzilli Consulting are proud to announce our GENIUS NY partnership that will provide start-up participants in the GENIUS NY drone accelerator programme and portfolio with Murzilli Consulting in-house resources, to help them navigate complex regulatory frameworks and accelerate their path towards revenue generation with the drone industry.

GENIUS NY was founded in 2017 to support drone companies that were struggling to go to market. As the largest uncrewed aerial systems and robotics accelerator programme, their organisation continually invests in start-ups through funding, networking, marketing, sales and recruiting efforts. Over the past 6 years, they've invested $18 million in 32 companies across 8 countries, making it one of the largest accelerator programmes in the world.

The Murzilli Consulting and GENIUS NY partnership allows both organisations to support and co-create the development of the drone industry by supporting the growth of the most promising start-ups. While GENIUS NY will go through a rigorous vetting process to establish viable business models among applicants while providing nearly end-to-end support, Murzilli Consulting will supplement these efforts through regulatory and strategic consulting services.

This arrangement will allow start-ups in the GENIUS NY portfolio to receive support from the Murzilli Consulting team. Each support package will be carefully curated to meet the company's specific needs, significantly enhancing the existing support offered by the accelerator programme. The Murzilli Consulting team has also already worked with a number of start-ups that have gone through the GENIUS NY accelerator programme, including Wonder Robotics, ResilienX, AVSS and Fusion Engineering.

Lorenzo Murzilli commented that "this partnership has the potential to give start-ups the resources they need to make a real impact on the drone industry and compete with large players backed by powerful parent companies."

Kara Jones, Director of GENIUS NY said, “we are very excited by this partnership with Murzilli Consulting to support our portfolio of companies and help drive growth with access to resources that these businesses may not have had otherwise.”

Murzilli Consulting is a digital aviation consultancy firm founded in 2020 by Lorenzo Murzilli and is based in Bern, Switzerland, with further subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Our organisation is committed to helping clients succeed with their regulation and compliance strategies. We do this by acting as a digital outsourced drone regulatory department and working with clients to support them in establishing a high-performing internal regulatory function. Our strategists and implementation experts are primarily focused on emerging technologies in the sectors of crewed and uncrewed aviation, advanced air mobility and U-space (including all derivative focuses).

Our team offers governments and private enterprises alike the opportunity to establish a high-performing internal regulatory function capable of tackling emerging technologies. Murzilli Consulting also can develop and implement regulatory strategies and roadmaps as well as execute specific projects such as UAS and USSP certification, design verification, SORA approvals and CE marking, among other services. Our customer base is unrivalled in the consulting industry and reflects the trust that leading drone organisations have in our services.

GENIUS NY is the world's largest business accelerator competition for uncrewed systems, IoT and big data startups. The accelerator is funded by Empire State Development and housed at The Tech Garden, CenterState CEO's incubator in downtown Syracuse, NY.

Five finalists are selected from a competitive pool of submissions from across the globe each year. The winners receive $1 million, and four $500,000 investments goes to the remaining teams.The accelerator provides startups all the tools they need for success. These tools include financial support in stipends and award money, various resources, programming, guidance from mentors and networking connections for comprehensive development and growth opportunities.