Murzilli Consulting’s Senior Consultant Marina Estal has joined CANSO’s Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council Working Area 3 (WA3) group.

Marina Estal is an aeronautical engineer whose vast experience in Air Traffic Management (ATM) spans over 10 years. In her position as the Head of Airspace Policy for the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (DCAC), she was responsible for airspace management at a strategic level, which consisted of configuration of the airspace, civil-military coordination matters regarding Flexible Use of the Airspace (FUA), volcanic ash contingency management and the development of the UAS sector in airspace matters including leading the U-space implementation in Spain.

With Marina’s expert knowledge and leadership skills within the Airspace and ATM sector, she provides valuable insight into UAS and ATM regulations, rulemaking, sustainability and crewed and uncrewed aircraft. She also provides consultation services related to national airspace management policies, higher airspace management policies and U-space implementation.

The CATS Global Council is an independent innovation forum launched by CANSO in 2021 that aims to facilitate collaboration between aviation and aerospace industry leaders to ensure the future of aviation remains adaptable and resilient. The organisation connects more than 80 aviation and aerospace organisations as they work together with the combined goal of creating a combined crewed and uncrewed airspace by 2045. 

The CATS Global Council roadmap has created 14 goals, which will cover over 70 milestones and 100 actions based on 7 building blocks: services and service delivery, technology and digitisation, safety and regulation, environmental sustainability and social impact, airspace design and classification, data and security and people organisation and talent.

The CATS GC Work Programme 2023-2025 is currently focusing on the CATS Working Area 3 (WA3) "Optimised & Simplified Airspace,” phase which will concentrate on several main activities involving the overall evaluation of the current airspace and where it will evolve in the upcoming years, the changes needed for new entrants and the relevant stakeholders.

"I'm honoured to be a part of the CATS Working Area 3 (WA3) "Optimised & Simplified Airspace". I appreciate the recognition of my expertise, and I'm thrilled to be able to contribute from my current position at Murzilli Consulting and to be part of the next era of aviation."
- Marina Estal on joining the CATS WA3.

About Murzilli Consulting

Murzilli Consulting is a digital aviation consultancy firm founded in 2020 by Lorenzo Murzilli and based in Bern, Switzerland, with further subsidiaries in Germany, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Spain. The organisation is committed to helping clients succeed with their regulation and compliance strategies. They do this by acting as a digital outsourced regulatory department and working with clients to support them in establishing a high-performing internal regulatory function. Their primary focus is on emerging technologies in the sectors of crewed and uncrewed aviation, advanced air mobility and U-space (including all derivative focuses). 

The Murzilli Consulting team offers governments and private enterprises alike the opportunity to establish a high-performing internal regulatory function capable of tackling emerging technologies. They can also develop and implement regulatory strategies and roadmaps as well as execute specific projects such as UAS and USSP certification, design verification, SORA approvals and CE marking, among other services. Their customer base is unrivalled in the consulting industry and reflects the trust that leading drone organisations have in their services.

About the CATS Global Council

The CATS Global Council is an independent innovative forum, initiated by CANSO, to facilitate greater collaboration among leaders across the aviation and aerospace industries: ANSPs, UTM service providers, aircraft manufacturers, drone operators and manufacturers, high-tech companies, airlines, airports, regulatory authorities, space agencies and research bodies.

The goal of the innovation forum is to drive the next era of aviation and forge a more adaptable, resilient industry. To explore, imagine and shape a shared vision for how our global skies can innovate and interoperate safely in the future. To shape and enable all aviation and aerospace players to learn, evolve and advance so that they are fit for this exciting future.

CATS Global Council Membership is founded on the principles of cooperation and leadership. All Council Members share a concern for the future of aviation and hold senior leadership positions within their organisations.


CANSO is the global voice of the air traffic management industry. As the industry association, they bring the world’s air navigation service providers, leading industry innovators and air traffic management specialists together to share knowledge, develop best practices and shape the future for secure and seamless airspace. They are collaboratively experts, innovators and the architects of future ATM.

CANSO provides safe and efficient air navigation service provision, by maintaining an international forum for developing and exchanging ideas on current air traffic management related issues; and developing an international network for air navigation services (ANS) experts to exchange information and promote best practice within ATC.

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