He brings 20+ years of pioneering leadership and expertise in drone regulation and certification

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, October 31, 2022 – Israeli-based Wonder Robotics (WR), a global leading technology innovator and provider of intelligent and robust autonomous solutions for commercial drone services, today announced the appointment of Lorenzo Murzilli to the Wonder Robotics’ advisory board. Murzilli is the founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a consulting agency focused on aviation, and co-founder of DroneTalks.online, a digital platform to spread ideas and educate on the drones’ ecosystem.

“Lorenzo joining our advisory board is significant and speaks volumes about his enthusiasm for the mission of Wonder Robotics and our products. He is a believer in the WonderLand solution and will be influential in guiding our team through the complex web of the U.S. and European drone regulations,” said Idan Shimon, co-founder and CEO of Wonder Robotics. “I am very pleased and honored to have him as an advisor and friend. He is the right guy at the right time for WR.”

Murzilli ’s priority will be advising the company on its current regulatory road map and helping to accomplish the company’s strategy for achieving technology validation for the WR products. The road map includes engaging the FAA in the U.S. and EASA in Europe and proving the use cases for vertical awareness and precision landing and shaping the safety case for emergency landing in the service provider contingency plan. Achieving these factors will allow WR to demonstrate to drone service providers and OEMs that using WonderLand not only improves the safety of the system, but it also makes platform autonomy more affordable for commercial services. WonderLand validation and future certification will revolutionize the regulation for commercial drone services and enable service companies to operate BVLOS urban environment missions with less crew.

“When it comes to drones and advanced technology, it is always hard to distinguish real from fantasy. In the case of Wonder Robotics and their WonderLand solution, it couldn’t be easier. A real company, with a real product, that is executing on a real business case. The value proposition is clear, and the team is outstanding. I’m proud to serve on the advisory board to add my contribution to the great story of Wonder Robotics”

Through his consulting firm, Murzilli Consulting, Lorenzo supports organizations from inception to profit in complex and disruptive environments, providing world-leading outsourced regulatory services globally. As special advisor to the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, he leads the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) WG-SRM, overseeing the work of more than 100 professionals in several task forces developing recommendations for safety and risk management of drones operational authorizations worldwide (SORA). Additionally, Murzilli is among the founding fathers of the Global UTM Association (GUTMA), a guest lecturer at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), and a mentor of students and guest lecturer at the Xihua University in Chengdu, China. Previously with Leonardo, Pilatus Aircraft, and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), he developed a striking ability to boost innovation in safety-critical environments and enjoyed exploring the intersection of safety and disruptive technologies that can advance the human race.

About Murzilli Consulting

Murzilli Consulting is committed to helping clients see success regarding regulation strategy, implementation and compliance. It provides a Digital Outsourced Regulatory Department service and typically works with businesses struggling to establish a high-performing internal regulatory function. The consultancy's main focuses are Advanced Air mobility, Drones, UTM and U-Space.

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About Wonder Robotics

Wonder Robotics’ vision is to become a leading provider of intelligent and robust 360-degree self-awareness layers that enable the autonomous flight of commercial and military drones, as well as eVTOLs, by utilizing highly advanced vision-based capabilities. Its first product, WonderLand, allows for vertical awareness, precision landing, and ground clearance for drones and flying cars. Based in Israel with offices in the U.S., the company was founded by worldwide experts in drone, robotics, navigation, and 3D visual applications in the commercial and military markets.

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