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From start-ups to governments, Murzilli Consulting provides strategic and regulatory advice to turn disruption into profits. Whether you are looking for a guide to aircraft certification or for support to set-up a complex digital innovation program our team of experts are there for you.
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Lorenzo Murzilli

Founder and Aerospace Engineer

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The aviation ecosystem is boiling and evolving at a pace that few truly understand. Incumbents fear the new entrants and risk relying on ineffective traditional methods to deal with the incoming disruption. New aviation players struggle to understand the intricacies and political complexity of a system where public interests, political gameplay and the need for the highest safety levels mix to resist innovation.

We have extensive experience, network and awareness of both the traditional and the new aviation world with documented successes on both sides, globally. With us you will not rely on generic consultants rather on deeply experienced professionals from the aviation world. Jump straight in, no need for explanations or priming, our people know what they are doing, well.


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In this era of global aerospace transformation, Lorenzo Murzilli stands in the forefront of leadership. The global aviation community recognizes Lorenzo for his leadership in establishing JARUS's Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) that is being adopted as the "Model Risk Assessment" process within Civil Aviation Authorities in all corners of the world. Lorenzo's tireless energy, positive outlook on life and ability facilitate agreement within diverse segments of the aviation community makes him a special leader for our times
John Walker
Senior Partner at The Padina Group
Ridiculously strong expertise in safety assessments and hands-on solutions for U-Space/UTM is the impression that comes to mind when I think about Lorenzo.

I had the pleasure of working with Lorenzo on multiple topics for several years during the Solar Impulse project. With him on the side of the authority and myself as a Flight Director trying to achieve what seemed to be impossible. From system safety analysis of innovative systems down to tactical operational questions I was particularly impressed by Lorenzo´s clear mind and solution-oriented approach to the subject.

Now, with the rise of drones and air taxis, Lorenzo heavily influences the conceptual, regulatory and technological advancements in the world of unmanned aircraft systems and I am looking forward in shaping it together.
Michael Anger
Founder UNISPHERE GmbH, Flight Director of Solar Impulse
Lorenzo doesn't just embrace innovation, he pushes industry to innovate more quickly. Through his unique combination of creative engineering, convening, mentoring, and policymaking skills, Lorenzo has helped make Switzerland into the global aviation technology leader, and as a result, accelerated the deployment of emerging advanced aerial mobility solutions that will bring huge benefits to humans around the globe. We at AirMap have the great pleasure of working alongside Lorenzo on this common mission.
Ben Marcus
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at UP Partners, Co-Founder of AirMap

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